Top 5 features a note-taking app for developers must have

2 months ago

As a developer looking for a note-taking app. What features you should consider? In this post, I will show you the top 5 features you should consider. and also give you a recommended app that I use and love.

1. Code highlighting

As a developer, our job is to write code so when it comes to taking notes we also need to embed the code. So the note-taking app should enable us to display our code with color and format so we can read easier. This is the feature most of the popular app like sticky notes are not provided. Because they are not designed for developers.

2. Easy ways to insert an image

Let imagine you write a note on how to install some software. Without a screenshot, it is very difficult to describe what Icon the user should click. Even if you can describe the Icon in words it would be a lot easier for you to look at the screenshot image. Like the old saying an image worth a thousand words

Image is important but how easy it is to insert images is also very important. What is the easiest way to insert an image into your editor? using any screenshot software like Lightshot then ctr + c and ctr + v to your editor is the easiest and fastest way. This way you don’t need to download the image to your desktop upload it to your editor then delete it. All you have to do is copy and paste the editor will do the rest.

Besides, sometimes our original images are very large and take a lot of space in the note. It would be nice if the app also supports auto-resize images. Let say max with is 700 pixel.

3. Search for notes

If you have a few notes it is not required. But let imagine that you write notes a few time a day. After a year you will have a thousand notes, how could you find a note that you wrote a year ago?

Search is the best way in this scenario. So the app should have a search feature for us. If we want to find a note all you need is a keyword and type it in the search box.

With the search feature build in even you are not an organizing person you can find your notes with ease. And if you are very good at organizing. Things will be out of control when you have to work on many projects at the same time. So having search features will definitely help.

4. Keyboard highlighting

The keyboard shortcut is a very important way to speed up our work. A lot of time we want to write notes about the keyboard shortcut that we just learn.

Keyboard highlighting will help improve the visual of our notes.

5. Group notes

Last but not least is organizing your notes. For example, you work on many projects and you want to group each note into a specific project. So later when you can see all the notes related to projects.

These features have the same purpose as the search feature. They help you find notes. Search helps you find a note by keywords. The group helps you group all related notes into one group. So you just click the group you want and all notes in the same group will show up.

The group could be a project, programing language, or a framework.


I use for a long time and I love it. It has all the features that I need to take daily programming notes. Including all 5 features, I write in this post. is free all you have to do is register an account. Then you can explore all the nice features.