How to use touchpad scroll with one finger on Ubuntu laptop

2 months ago

Yes carrying a mouse with you all the time is very anoying. But the touch pad scrolling with 2 finger make my finger hurt. And I usally end up carry a mouse and now finally found a solution.

You actually can use one finger scroll with with touch pad it call "Edge scroll"

How to anable edge scroll

Ctr + A -> Setting -> mouse and touch pad -> Edge scrolling: true

It may take you some time

Some tricks to use

At the first time you may find yourself have a difficult time to find the right edge of the touch pad.
So the easier solution is use your left index finger to move the pointer around and use the hand index finger to scroll

Or you can anable both two-finger scrolling and Edge Scrolling. Because sometime two finger scrolling is better than edge scrolling because you dont need to find the edge of the pad.

Another way is make something on your laptop so you can easily find the edge.