Color code note-taking for developer

2 months ago

As a developer, you write a lot of code every day, and sometimes you need to take note of your code. But you don’t know what tool to use? In this post, I’m going to show you how can help you write better notes.

Why do you need a code color note?

It is very difficult to read code in plain text. It is why we need IDE in everyday work. But when we copied our code from IDE to a note app we lost all the code color.

This is why we need a better note app with code color.

How most developers take notes

I work in a very big software company. And when I asked some of my colleagues what note-taking app do you use here is the answer: Windows sticky note

The problem with sticky notes is that they are not designed to note your code.

They store plain text so your code will end up as plain text. This means you lose all the code highlighting and formatting like IDE.

How to use to solve code highlighting issues?

Devwalls is a note-taking website that designs for developers. Its Editor provides an easy way for you to take paste code from your IDE and with code highlighting.

Here is a quick tutorial:

First, go to Create an account

Then click "new note"

You will see a nice editor

Click the code Icon


Then copy code from any source example your IDE

Then paste to your editor

Finally, click "submit"

Conclusion is free of use all you have to do is create an account. Then you can start exploring all the nice features it provides. I have been using it for a long time and it helps me a lot to improve my performance.