2 months ago
Quick way to looking for file in your source code

As your project grow you will have a lot of files and spend time to looking for the right file is not so productive. In this post I will show you how I solve th

2 months ago
Trending algorithm

Many site offer trending topic like Twetter, Youtube, Netflix but how do you code that feature.

2 months ago
Postgres nodejs setup


pg, db-migrate, expressjs
2 months ago
How to create table in pgAdmin4

In this post we will learn how to create table. Add column, foreign use pgAdmin4.

2 months ago
Mongodb join query

One of the thing that make NoSQL not an option for many of my app is it ability to join documents. Yes they provide the solution for query join document but it

3 months ago
How to code views count for your app

View count data is important, from it you know what article is more popular. Let's dive into how to make a view count for your nodejs app.

nodejs, expressjs
3 months ago
[ POC ] Mongoose dynamic change database

This example describes a multi-tenant structure with each client having its own database.

mongoose, expressjs
3 months ago
Mkdocs: document tool for your Open Source project

In this post I will show you how to setup mkdocs. A tool to write document for your projects. It is free and open source wrtitten in python.

python, mkdocs, doc