14 days ago
AngularJS handle express-validation error like a pro

In this post I will show you how to handle form validation with express in the backend angularJS for front-end and handlebars for template engine. api server re

register, error, angularjs, express, validation
a month ago
Postgres basic command

This is some basic command that you use a lot when working with postgres.

2 months ago
How to use touchpad scroll with one finger on Ubuntu laptop

Yes carrying a mouse with you all the time is very anoying. But the touch pad scrolling with 2 finger make my finger hurt. And I usally end up carry a mouse and

touch pad, mouse, laptop
2 months ago
Install saleor ecommers

Saleor headless ecommers is one of the best open source ecommers platform base on git stars. In this blog post I will guidle you how to install, connect to db w

2 months ago
URL Slug with Nodejs

In this post we will deep dive about slug url in nodejs mongodb

2 months ago
Todo App for task master

If you working on multiple projects. Handle for tasks will become a bit of a challenge. Today I will introduce to you a app that on your PC but you never notice

ubuntu, todo, productive, organize, plan, project
2 months ago
Top 5 features a note-taking app for developers must have

As a developer looking for a note-taking app. What features you should consider? In this post, I will show you the top 5 features you should consider. and also

2 months ago
The best way to write notes as a developer

Learning is one of the most important skills for every developer. Taking notes is the best way to help you store your knowledge. But many of us don’t do it the

2 months ago
Remap Ubuntu keyboard right control to backspace

I have a backspace keyboard that not work. Instead of change the whole new keyboard that cost around 30$ I just learn how to remap it.

2 months ago
Install mongodb

Go to mongodb website. They have many version u just need to select the default one

mongodb,install, data/db, not found
2 months ago
Nodejs upload images to amazon s3

Lets implement how to upload images to s3.

s3, amazon, service, api, images,img
2 months ago
Singleton design pattern with NodeJS

Singleton is Ensure a class only has one instance, and provide a global point of access to it.

2 months ago
Nodejs cluster for multi cores computer.

By default NodeJS will only use 1 core of your processor (cpu). So if you on 4 cores computer you only using 1.

core, cpu, os, pm2
2 months ago
How to deploy azure app service with azure cli from local git

This tutorial is additon to the ms azure tutorial

deploy, localgit
2 months ago
MongoDB - paging

Using skip+limit is not a good way to do paging when performance is an issue, or with large collections; it will get slower and slower as you increase the page

2 months ago
Ckeditor Upload image from clipboard

Get tired of download upload and then delete local file? How about just screen shot anywhere then pasted it to your text editor?

ckeditor, clibboard, paste
2 months ago
Setup Https ssl with letsencrypt in centos 7 server.

Letsencrypt is a free https ssl software. However setting it up is a bit of challenge if you are not a pro with linux server. In this post I will guilde you how

https, ssl
2 months ago
Nodejs RabbitMQ for real

This article is a distributed crawler framework based on Node.js and RabbitMQ . It is suitable for crawling crawlers with a small amount of data but high concur

2 months ago
Simple Chat app with Expressjs

Today we going to create Chat application. We going to use for server. Make sure you already install nodejs. We going to use some command line for this, so you

2 months ago
Set up new HDD drive for Ubuntu

If you just install a new HDD to your Ubuntu. You posiblly cant use it right away. Here is how you use it.

disk, hdd, mount,drive
2 months ago
Color code note-taking for developer

As a developer, you write a lot of code every day, and sometimes you need to take note of your code. But you don’t know what tool to use? In this post, I’m goin

2 months ago
Handlebars multi language with i18n


2 months ago
How kubernetes works

Kubernetes component

2 months ago
Install postgres 12.9 centos 7

How to install postgres 12.9 on CentOS 7 along with change password, check version, setup remote connect and handle common error during the process.